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Marble Fruit
Our marble fruit is produced in the Carrara area of Italy where the famous quarries used by Michelangelo are to be found. Chunks of white marble are carved, chiseled and shaped into fruit. The piece is then heated in an oven. Then a coating of wax is applied. Pigments and dyes are then layered on the warm wax. Minerals and natural dyes are used as pigments.

The production of marble fruit was developed by a single family in the 20's and has evolved into a cottage industry in our time. Early pieces of marble fruit have regularly fetched high prices at auction houses although their appeal is sometimes less attractive than that of recently produced pieces. We offer the largest and most elegant selection of sculpted marble fruit in the world!

Alabaster Grapes from the Medieval Town of Volterra
Sensuous and Translucent with Beautiful Natural Vines. Available in so many Different Colors and Sizes...

Other Stone Fruit
In addition to the carved fruit, we have introduced a line of cast marble fruit also made in Italy. The composition of the fruit consists of Carrara marble powder mixed with a binding agent. All pieces are hand-painted using the same natural dyes and techniques as with the all-marble pieces. These new fruit have a lower price point and also weight approximately 30% less than their all-marble counterparts.

Alabaster Fruit Other Than Grapes
A more economical yet effective if not as spectacular version of marble fruit.

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