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Featuring the Whimsical Collection by the Venier Brothers, the Murrina (Millefiori) series of goblets and tumblers and the 18th Century Style Glass Collection by other well known master craftsmen.

Whimsical Venetian Goblets
These goblets are part of a stemware collection produced by the Venier Brothers, descendants of one of the most illustrious Doges of Venice. An entire wharf is named after them on the Island of Murano..

The first models of this original collection have appeared a few years ago and have been perfected through the years for your enjoyment.

The unique look of the Venier Goblet Collection is at times whimsical, classical or sometimes baroque.

Choose your martini or wine glass among flamingoes, monkeys, elephants, parakeets, parrots, ducks, frogs, penguins, toucans, pelicans, or angel fish and dolphins, etc. all available in a vast array of colors. You may consider swans for the traditional bridal champagne flute. Flutes and goblets on grape clusters rich in shades of Burgundy, Brandywine, Amethyst, red, green and amber have also been very popular with connoisseurs and collectors. Imitated but never surpassed!

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